EADS Innovation Works Germany

Dept: IW-SI

Dr. Volker Ziegler

81663 München

Fon: 089 607 20294


Sub-Project: Cabin integration and test of a 60 GHz system

The growing need for a higher flexibility of the whole cabin infrastructure of a passenger airplane demand for a variable cabin layout with a low number of cable connections needed and for the presents of a data-network, which is able to connect the passenger seamlessly to the in-flight entertainment system (IFE) by a broadband wireless connection. In order to fulfil these requirements, EADS Innovation Works Germany is working in its EASY-A sub-project “Cabin integration and test of a 60 GHz system” on the realisation of a high-data rate IFE-system in an airplane cabin, which will achieve the ambitious goals by implementing innovative technologies from other consortium partners.

Therefore, EADS Innovation Works Germany is working on the following topics in the frame of this sub-project:

  • Specification of the 60 GHz in-flight entertainment system in collaboration with the EADS business unit AIRBUS
  • Characterisation of different cabin materials at 60 GHz
  • Definition of areas to install the antennas and integration of the antenna modules into the ceiling and seats of the cabin
  • Development of higher-layer protocols and of the application software for the IFE-system
  • Development of the men-machine interface for the passenger
  • Supply of the server
  • Integration of the complete 60 GHz IFE-system (consisting of one ceiling module and five seat modules) into the A340 cabin mock-up at EADS Innovation Works Germany.

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